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No Good Gofers - Playfield and Rules

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Multiball Jackpots

Shoot the side ramp to collect the Multiball Jackpot.  The value starts at 3,500,000 and grows by 1,000,000 with each jackpot collected.  This carries over from ball to ball. s-jack.gif (21643 bytes)
After collecting a jackpot, the Slam Ramp will lower with each left return lane to try for the Super Jackpot.  Make a Hole-in-One to collect
  • 2x Jackpot the first time
  • An Extra ball the 2nd time
  • A Special the 3rd time

Shooting the right ramp will relight the single Jackpot.  Collecting a Super Jackpot automatically relights Jackpot.

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