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No Good Gofers - Playfield and Rules

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Playing Golf

Complete 9 holes of golf to play the big Hole-in-One Challenge!

Your current hole is blinking on the string of 9 lamps just above the flippers.  Each hole starts
with a certain amount of strokes - a par value.

Hitting gofers takes your count DOWN one stroke.  Landing in the Sand Trap or draining the ball ADDS one stroke to your count.  Your current count is shown in the 2 through 7 lamps just above the hole lamps.  The only way to get a 1, just like golf, is from a Hole-in-One shot.

Shoot DRIVE lamps when lit (see arrows) to advance you toward the putting green.   Shoot the putting green to complete the hole and get your award from the Spinning Whirlwheel.

Your bonus is based on the strokes made for each hole, multiplied by your Cart Path multiplier.

7 Strokes = 10,000
6 Strokes = 25,000
5 Strokes = 50,000
4 Strokes = 75,000
3 Strokes = 100,000
2 Strokes = 125,000
1 Stroke = 250,000




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