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I'm all over an AFMr and a MBr and every Limited Edition of proven titles you can get out in a quality material product, ASAP. No one is perfect, but I know the fun will be pack full in each of these coming titles.  Take all my money.... :) :) :)

Wet dream to have it modded at a SLE level where I can have it stored and played out doors under my patio UL/FM approved.  Out of indoor space and their are so many more to have and hold. :)

Thanks again

I thought I read that Monster Bash required licensing from each monster.  Maybe it was written in sarcasm and I was dreary eyed. Not sure, but that might be a MB deal delayer, maybe not.  Maybe Rick can clear up any licensing that is required for a MB type theme(Warner Brothers?), and the time to process the paperwork/negotiations and have to deal with that part of pinball biz. You give up your hobby when you make it your biz?

As far as the price goes, keep it as low as you can, but still make enough profit to keep rolling out the remakes, cover your family health care, bills, etc, family vacation, new used car, AC fix, kids braces, etc....  Best of Luck!!

Hi Rick,
Happy Easter to you and your family and all at PPS.
Easter reminds me of my loving Granny.  She always said, "Patience is a virtue young man".  I think that holds true in these days, especially when it comes to Game #2.
If you allow it, anticipation can be relished as much as the actuality of reality.
All the best, Mike V

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