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Congo Mini Playfield decals:
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The Getaway Translites (with custom vanity plate option)
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Jokerz mini-playfield decal/film:
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PPS Parts (incl Artwork) In Progress / Indianapolis 500 solid red version
« on: October 10, 2014, 12:22:35 PM »
We're working on finalizing the colors for the solid red version of indy500 cab sides, and need a bit of input to make sure the blue is accurate. I know the blue is darker on this version than the more common gradient version (red to yellow fade), but since the cabinets for this game are often faded, I'm having trouble making sure it is accurate. If you have a good condition cabinet side, I'd love to hear your input, and some well-lit hi-res pictures could be really helpful! Ideally, I'd love to see someone try to match their cab color with a pantone book, so I can check against the color I have, but any input would help! (note: the blue prints darker than it appears in this photo, I included it as a reference to show which version of the cab art we're working on)

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