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Thanks Lloyd!

Thanks Drew! That had to be it. I had the coin door open while testing

Weird. Well I guess I fixed it. Not sure what I did but after all my tests a 2nd time, the left popper started working like normal. Now I'm just concerned about the solenoid test not firing in solenoid test mode. Any idea why they are not firing while testing?

Hi all, my left popper (moat eject) stopped working tonight. I tested switch # 36 in single switch test and it reads as closed. When i do a switch edge test, and roll a ball into the left popper, it triggers switch 36 so I think the switch is working. I tried a solenoid test and none of my solenoids seem to be firing. Although when I start a game, and activate trolls or flippers, the solenoids are firing during game play. Any idea on where I start? I'm a novice at repairs.

MMR Support [MMR Members Only] / Re: Castle Gate not registering ball hits
« on: February 28, 2016, 06:57:56 PM »
The castle exploding on the lock ball shot when the gate is already open happens on mine too. But not all the time. I've noticed that a lock ball shot blows up the castle on the shot made immediately after the castle gate opens. If I make some other shot after the gate opens and then hit the lock ball shot, it only registers a locked ball. I'm not sure if that is by design or if I'm just selectively noticing that, but i have been surprised at times when the castle explodes on the lock ball shot and I think I've narrowed it down to that immediate shot after the gate opens up.

I agree. If you look at other MMRs from 400ish and lower they don't have the problem. The problem creeps in on games manufactured from late 400ish to 750ish. We'll see if the 800's and on have the same problem. If not, then that pretty much tells me that CGC changed something in the process on the playfields to ensure a nice solid black on the insert lettering. That would be an admission of a defect in my eyes.

Keith, can you share your pics here? I want to see how they compare to mine and others I've seen.

Great! Happy for the owners of new correctly printed playfields. Now, looking forward to CGC's response to those of us with the transparent text.

Most telling example of the problem is pinside user sandersj post #93 on the topic below. He has 2 MMRs. Number 137 (early run) and number 670 (later run). He has looked at both and said the early one was noticeably darker than the later one.

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Thanks Rick. Just so we're all on the same page, the problem only shows when lit. When the machine is off, the black text in the inserts looks fine. And the comparisons I have seen are between earlier runs of MMR (up to 400ish look fine) vs newer runs (600ish and up have faded black text). The worst of the fading is in the castle inserts, followed by the catapult, peasant, madness, damsel, joust inserts in no particular order. The jackpots, locks, fire, and the blue inserts leading up to the castle all appear to be much more legible.

Check out this thread.

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Post # 160 here.

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Yeah, glad to know it is probably just a typical pinball tweak needed and less of a situation that requires moving the VUK housing. Do the tweak to the metal guide and change those balls if they are dinged up.

Ghetoprobe, did you raise a ticket with CGC yet?  I would try to get it resolved because dinged up balls moving around that playfield can do some real damage to it over time.

Rick, can you comment on this and whether CGC is aware that the VUK on the left side of the moat could possibly be installed too far to the left causing balls to hit the weldment? I'm wondering if this may be another issue where the pre drilled holes in the playfield may be off slightly (like in the case of the slingshots that were hitting the playfield on the early games). That left orbit shot should be going through smoothly and if there are a few MMR owners who are experiencing the same issue, I sure hope someone at CGC is aware of it and making the necessary changes. Dinged up balls from this issue could really do a lot of damage to the playfield over time I imagine. Not to mention leading to frustrating game play.

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