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Game #3 Discussion / Re: MBr
« on: May 19, 2017, 01:43:41 PM »
I'm hoping they do MBr or CCCr next. Those are the only ones I want to go along with my MMR.

Realistically from a demand perspective the 7 candidates for remakes (assuming the emulation software is not enhanced for WPC-89) are:


The other WPC 95 games (NBAFB, NGG, CG, CP, JY) are all less than 5k, with most going in the 2-3.5 K range. And then safecracker, which I cannot imagine selling in any great numbers.

The exact opposite happened to me tonight. My right flipper coil stop and coil fell off while my son was playing. Took me over an hour to get it all back together, as I didn't want to remove the flipper mech and those nuts are hard to put on the underside of the mech. I put locktite on the coil stop bolts before I screwed them all back together. None was used at the factory.

If I wasn't accustomed to working on Pinballs I"d be freaking out. My game is not even 2 weeks old.

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Played my new MMr about 30 games this weekend when all of the sudden the left flipper lost the ability to hit the ball with any force.  Popped up the playfield and found the coil stop bracket fell off due to the allen bolts falling completely out.  Put the assembly back together and checked the other flipper assembly and found them loose also.  Tightened everything up and it works fine now.  Other than that the only other adjustments I have made are:

1.  Bent the catapult switch arm up a bit to ensure it fires when a ball is present.  Before bending it up it would not fire about 25% of the time.
2.  Turned the flipper strength up to +2 to make better ramp shots.  I really like this feature.  My home voltage is pretty constant at 119V, but liked a little extra power.

Also replaced the cheap single cone speakers with pioneer 2-way and a Polk powered subwoofer.  The speakers make the speech MUCH more clear and the powered subwoofer really makes a difference as well.  I would encourage CGC to include the ability to adjust call out volume separate from the music volume like Stern does.  Many of the callouts could barely be heard before the speaker swap and even with the speaker swap are still not ideal.

Other than that, this is a well built machine.  I enjoy it.   

Thanks for those tips, my Cat seems to not detect the ball every now and then, will be adjusting the switch and will also check my coil stop brackets.

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Why has the beta code update that was sent to a few people months ago who complained of this issue and others stopped being sent out and people are now just being told to wait indefinitely?

I never noticed the date and time bug, but I updated to the 1.5.5 beta code anyway and it fixes the screen tearing and greatly improves the look of the DMD by giving different levels of contrast, also the call outs seem clearer and others have reported it fixes the date / time bug. It may not be complete but AFAIK all they were waiting on is the code change to dim the LEDs that not many people will use anyway. For what I can see it's a worthwhile and stable bug fix that makes the game look and sound better.

CGC can fix your bug now Gatinho, I would ring them up and ask them for the 1.5.5 beta code if I were you.

I believe that Beta update has the mostly complete color update. It's not turned on, but I think they are afraid someone might figure out how to enable it. You can see why they decided to pull it, it could impact future software sales for MM.

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I can't help but notice that a 3D translite for MM first appeared.....Then AFM and WW........Doesn't that make it pretty obvious the next 2 remakes are AFM and WW? Not sure which order, though I suspect AFM then WW.......Thoughts?

I read somewhere they are only doing WPC-95 games right now, due to the emulation framework they are currently running only supporting wpc-95. If thats true it rules out WW.

They could improve their emulation setup down the road to cover wpc89 games, but my guess is they will make all the high demand wpc-95 games before tackling that.

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Regardless of when CC is, the code would be 'completed' (we have a runtime compile environment of the CC code - i.e. we have the complete source code). Additionally, there is some features that were left off the game (like the saloon doors - we have the tooling for those as well).

Not saying where CC is in the queue of games, but just fyi regarding CC.


Thanks Rick. CC would be on my list to purchase, and maybe MB. CC bugs me today when I put my name on the high score table, and no music plays in the background. Feels wrong.

My guess is Monster Bash being most likely for #2. Why? Because you can buy AFM in decent condition for 6.5 - 7k today. This is less than what a remake will go for, so demand will not be so hot.

MB on the other hand is selling for a few thousand over what MBR would go for, so demand will be there.

CC is probably not going to be a big seller if they ever go down that road unless they finish the game code. As it stands today its only expensive as its very rare, and the last "standard" game Williams made.

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