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MMR Updates (READ ONLY) / Tearing
« on: January 21, 2015, 09:54:45 PM »
I would like to thank everyone for their support and offer special thanks to the many of you that visited our facility and provided feedback throughout the development of MMR.

We are currently working on addressing the screen “tearing” issue.  This is a momentary misalignment of two rows of pixels on the display –it occurs very infrequently.  While I believe most people would never notice the issue, we are nonetheless committed to resolving it.  We understand the root cause and are in the process of making the necessary software changes.

Due to the short amount of time before MMRs start shipping, initial units will ship before the issue is resolved.  MMR customers will be able to update their games to the latest software revision, at any time, at no charge.  Software is updatable by simply booting the game from a micro SD card containing the software update.


A quick update on production…

Stern is continuing to load the first 250 sets of parts into work cells.  By tomorrow, the first production sub-assemblies should start coming together.

I will be at Stern Pinball again on Friday and will provide another update over the weekend.

Last week, during Stern’s inbound inspection process, finishing issues were identified with four MMR components.  We have returned these items to the related vendors and just received confirmation that rework is being expedited and modified components will be received later this week.
I would like to offer my appreciation to the Stern team for bringing this to our attention.  Absent any additional issues, production should commence by Monday (1/19/2014).  I hope to soon be able to report an exact date the first units will come off the line.

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