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MMR Support [MMR Members Only] / Left Troll LED not working
« on: January 23, 2018, 05:06:14 PM »
The LED for the left Troll has stopped lighting.  I have been told that there is not an easy fix for this.  Is this true?

This weekend I got an error message when I powered up my game that the time and date needed to be set. I set the time and date and then went to play a game. After initiating a game, everything seemed fine except a ball did not load for the plunger.  The plunger light was on and hit the plunger anyway and nothing happened except the plunger light went out.

I powered down and powered back up and did not receive any error messages. The game reset but would not load a ball. Any suggestions as to what I should do or check?

My MMR started to not register Castle Destroyed or Ball Locks. It started out that is was occasionally then would not register any. I performed a Test 19 Castle Gate Test and it failed at Test Mode into Castle. Upon opening the play field to look at the Castle Lock Switch I found it hanging loose and the two mounting screws that go through the switch along with left side small bracket laying loose on the bottom of the cabinet. I was able to insert the screws and remount the switch into the fixed bracket but I cannot get the screws tight.  Is there suppose to be a locking bracket or nuts that fit on the right side of the fixed switch bracket?  If so I cannot find it on the bottom of the cabinet. 

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