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MMR Support [MMR Members Only] / Castle gate stuck closed
« on: October 15, 2018, 12:11:14 PM »
I now have this problem. Saw an earlier July post about the same problem...

I've checked the solders and connections for the coil under the playfield and they look fine. Playing with the gate manually to test if anything was blocked got me to make it work again for like 5-6 castle shots and now it isn't working anymore and cannot get it to work. The gate itself will go up without anything blocking it if I manually pull the gate up or manually operate the coil assembly.

Should I create a ticket or are there a few basic steps I should do to pinpoint the problem?

PPS Parts (incl Artwork) In Progress / 3D Revenge from Mars Translite?
« on: November 29, 2016, 11:53:16 AM »
Read in another thread that a 3D translite for Revenge from Mars is in the works.

Is there any approximate date of availability or preorder?

I so much want this!

Thanks in advance.

I was wondering if it is normal or if some tweaking is required.

Sometimes, when hitting the ball through the left outer lane (left Joust lane), the ball will hit the left popper weldment (mechanism that sends the ball out of the moat) and the ball won't of course go through the lane. This may happen maybe 1 time out of 5. It seems it may depend on the angle/speed the ball enters the lane.

Is this normal? I've played the original Medieval Madness a lot in the past and I think it didn't used to happen as much. But, with so many MMr games under my belt, I'm now unsure if it something typical.

I've checked in dept and I doubt the left popper assembly could be re-positioned enough to make a difference. When it happens, the ball hits the left side of the weldment. I suspect whatever the tweaks, it can always happen if you get a weird rebound, but otherwise, I thought a somewhat clean entry in the lane should divert the ball correctly to make the ramp without interference. It may be due the the positioning of the metal guides in the lane or be totally normal.

Any thoughts?


after a couple of good games last night, the "Launch Ball" button became somewhat useless.
Each new ball is automatically being launched. Cannot have a break anymore between balls! It's almost if the machine was thinking the ball was instantly in play.

This happened maybe an hour or two after I installed coin mechs. They work well. The right coin mech one (or left from inside machine) might be squeezing some wires in the back a bit, but I doubt it's enough to cause anything.

However, when going in test mode, there's a new error: "Check switch F6 U.R. Flipper But.". That's a strange since Medieval Madness certainly doesn't have a Upper Right flipper button and that according to the manual, switch R6 is Not Used.

Of mention too, I have another error that has been there since the start: "Check R. Troll Up Switch Bad". It has always been there and both trolls are behaving correctly. I seriously doubt it's related.

So, anyone has any idea on why a can't anymore manually launch a new ball because the machine auto-launches it?

MMR Support [MMR Members Only] / Flipper Assembly
« on: May 20, 2015, 11:05:58 AM »
Received and installed MMR LE #0221 yesterday evening!
So far, everything seems to be working very well except one thing. Note that I never owedn a pinball but played a lot of Medieval Madness in the days so I know how it feels.
After a few games, I noticed the left flipper felt a bit loose. It was hard to do the damsel. Looked at the flippers under the playfield and the problem was pretty easy to spot: a bracket in the left flipper assembly was missing screws! So the fix will be easy one I get the screws. Starburst will bring some after work this evening to fix this.
I think there's only one screw on the right bracket (instead of 2 in the schematics) and none on the left bracket.

See attached manual page. Screws #14 in the schematic for bracket #13. No screws were on the left flipper bracket, only one on the right flipper bracket (with an added lock washer like #10).

Anyway, no biggie as if it's only that, it's a very small problem. No need to enter a ticket for this as a novice at pinball maintenance like me can easily fix it.

However, I suppose it's something easy to verify during quality control since if you move the loose flipper with your hand, the coil and part of the flipper assembly moves with it, which it wouldn't do if the bracket was well fixed.

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