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I can get the left and right orbits registering in test mode the gates open when they are supposed to. but in game when you shoot the ball up the left side the ball always seems to stop at the gate and go down and hit the bumpers. of course shooting the right side it goes all the way around and registers. I've been meaning to test this "issue". I know when I tried virtual pinball medieval madness it shoots joust off when shooting the left side. so I'm assuming my gate isn't opening when it's supposed to. 

I'm going to investigate, I just wanted to see if anyone else was having this issue or if it was just isolated to a few people, like the last issue I had.

thank you

well I fixed the issue, but I created the issue.
 I installed a cliffy drawbridge protector. I still don't really understand why it didn't work maybe the opto's need to be a little further. I took the protector out and it registers almost 100% of the ball hits. I was honestly going to take that particular protector out anyway because it kept coming loose. so I had to bend it more and more to keep it in place. it might work for a house since it's not played as much but my machine get on average 200 plays a week.

all the other protectors worked fine with some adjusting. the ball was contently getting stuck at the catapult and merlin hole protectors till I bent the metal a certain way. I don't mind having them if they actually help protect the game, but when they start messing with how the game plays they got to go. that being said I'm sure others having figured it out, I just don't have the patience.

ahhh, I will check that when I get back to the location. I know the ball has to pass the drawbridge once, then hit the gate, and then pass the drawbridge again in order for a hit to register.
only thing is the drawbridge registers 100% of the hits every time, no matter how fast the ball is going. as soon as you try to hit the gate you have to shoot it slower in order for it to register the hits even then sometimes it doesn't work.

at least the drawbridge will be easier to check.
thank you

well I checked out what you said and there doesn't appear to be any metal anywhere near the solder site. It looks good, so I really don't know what is going on. I must be doing something wrong, since I appear to be the only person with this issue other then that one other guy.

Just so I'm 100% in order to attain a castle hit it has to break the drawbridge opto then the gate opto then the drawbridge opto one more time right, if it doesn't do these in a certain amount of time it disregards the hit correct?

I rolled the ball at the gate in test mode as fast as I would if it would ignore the hit and of course in test mode it passed every time 20 out of 20.

I went ahead and put a slight slant on the table to make the ball hit the right flipper when coming from the jet bumpers. cause otherwise it hits the top of the right slingshot then bounces off and either goes down the middle or hits the left flipper. I have it to where the edge of the bubble is touching the right line in the middle. guess spending all that time messing with the wire form was pointless. I honestly had no idea that even that much of a slant would make that kind of a difference.

MMR Support [MMR Members Only] / Re: Castle Gate not registering ball hits
« on: February 29, 2016, 11:06:46 AM »
I took a picture of the bubble according to the manual it's at 6 1/2 degrees. like I said I just assumed that this was the way it was supposed to play until I saw video of another. and 100% of the ball hits were registering.  the castle drawbridge registers every time no matter how fast the ball is going. the gate itself has all the issues. do you think replacing the sensor would help? could it be software related?
If I do a switch edge test it works 100% of the time.

MMR Support [MMR Members Only] / Castle Gate not registering ball hits
« on: February 27, 2016, 03:28:44 PM »
I saw Marspinball posted this like four months ago. I've noticed that the gate hits don't register about 40% of the time depending on ball speed. I checked the connections and switch edge test and it registers it fine 100% of the time. but in game the ball has to hit the gate a lot slower for it to get a hit. do you have any idea how Marspinball resolved this?

since it's an ir beam there isn't anything to bend. only connections and maybe dirt covering the transmitter but everything looks fine. this has actually been an issue for as long as I can remember.
also if the gate is open and you shoot the lock is the castle supposed to explode, I would assume so right?


thank you,

Well I did it, at least I thought I did. I bent that piece of wireform so much that It snapped. It was really pissing me off though, so it had it coming.
anyway I tried the game without it now it hits the right flipper almost every time! it never goes down the middle anymore. think I'm just going to leave it out.

I understand what it's supposed to do. only thing is I haven't seen to many other medieval madness's so I don't know how the ball is supposed move down the lane. it seemed like with that piece of wireform it was destined to drain.

good suggestion, I was contemplating drilling another hole. I've tried bending the wireform several different ways.
I came in today now all the balls are going straight down the middle at least 8 out of 10.

thank you

I was under the impression that after the ball goes down the right side it is supposed to hit the right flipper. (at least that's what someone told me). I honestly don't remember exactly how the game originally played. so I bent the piece of wire trying to guide the ball, but no matter how I bend it, it either went down the middle or hits the top of the right sling and bounces on the left flipper. I was contemplating buying another right ball gate assy just to seem how they are supposed to be bent, and since they are only $12. If the ball is going down with enough momentum it will hit the right flipper. I'm assuming this is the way it's supposed to play and my friend didn't know what he was talking of.

right gate assy link -
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MMR Support [MMR Members Only] / are the castle lights supposed to flicker?
« on: February 18, 2016, 08:15:49 PM »
during gameplay, the left side light flickers on and off sometimes when certain events take place. as for the right, the light it was loose rolling in the cabinet when shipped. Every-time I try putting it in it falls out like four to five days later. When the right side is in it turns  off and on a lot more then the left. I tried squeezing the end of the lamp to tighten the connections but it doesn't seem to help. I just wanted to make sure that this was supposed happen and not due to a loose connection inside the lamp.

thank you

ok, I still don't understand why certain loops work only certain times in gameplay. I guess that's just the way it's supposed to play. but after testing the loops several times everything seem to be okay now with the loops themselves now in testing mode. not sure what happened or if I was doing something wrong. but thank you for your replies

The thing is, one gate loop test will pass, but not the other. then after running a solenoid of the "bad gate" and then re-testing the loops again, that loop will pass now (the affected gate opens when it's supposed to) but now the gate (loop test) that didn't have the issue will not pass. I can get each one to pass the loop test which tells me that everything is working, as far as hardware. but I can't get them both passing at the same time. I've checked all the switches several times along that path and they are all working fine by rolling the ball or pressing them. they all read closed when they are pressed and open when they are open (when reading with a multi meter). it's a strange issue that doesn't make any sense.

but in effect the gate that I last tested working will now allow joust and skill shots. (but the other one will not)

but like I said, I'm going to mess with it again tomorrow. I'm hoping that by resetting the game or maybe re-installing the last update you sent it will clear the issue.

thank you,

         ok, I noticed that when shooting the joust loop from right to left several times nothing happened, even when trying for a skill shot. So I lifted the table and tested the affected loop and it kept failing it over and over. until the r gate stuck open error came up. So, I went to the solenoid test and tested the gate that wasn't registering and it worked fine. So, I went back to the loop test and tested the loop again and it passed. Just to be sure I went ahead and tested the previously working loop, but now it's failed! So I did the same exact thing and went back to the solenoid  test and applied power to the gate and it worked then went back to test the loop and it passed. So... then I went and tested the other loop and it failed.....

     Finally after going back and forth from solenoid test to loop test about 7 or 8 times, I finally realized there was little I could do to get both the loops passing at the same time. I went ahead and passed the loop to get rid of the error message but now I have one loop or the other that won't register joust or skill shots. But I can pick which one works and which one doesn't.

    I've had the game a little over 5 months, it's well maintained but it has had a lot of play. It's in a commercial environment and other then the ball getting stuck in certain places, having to bend back some switches and the sound crackle (which is now fixed) I've never had any real issues. I've seen the gate error 2 months back and I pretty sure I remember being able to pass both gates without having to test the solenoid. If there is something I'm overlooking or just not able to see, I would greatly appreciate and help.

thank you,

I'm planning on going back tomorrow to try it again, hoping that it was just a fluke. maybe I can reset the game or something.

at first it was able to get out of the merlin hole after the first pop, now after 2 weeks of use it usually takes 2.
It didn't dawn on me till now but can you adjust certain solenoid strengths or does it adjust all of them at once?
I would go check on it but its on location.

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