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Intro and what we have planned


Hi All,

Just wanted to post a brief intro about PinballSWAG.com and what our plans are as we move forward.

We are working with Rick to bring as much Williams and Bally Merchandise to the pinball community as we can.  It's a little slower going then we initially thought, but we are getting more and more available and will continue to add products and expand titles (and artwork) as we move forward.

Currently we have a variety of Williams and Bally tshirts available for sale on the site, mouse pads and very soon will have key chains and more shirt designs up.

Several of our shirts and products are being made available at various pinball shows around the country thanks to PPS.  Texas Pinball Festival is our home turf so you will always find us there.  On our site you can actually pick and choose shirt colors so you get to do a little more customizing if there is something special you want.

If you have a wish for a new product, or title feel free to send us a message.  We know there are many titles people would like to see available, and we are trying to send batches of products and art through Williams for approval on a continuous basis.


Gregory Campbell

In addition to what you have planned, I would like to see glasses/mugs/shot glasses/coasters for NGG and SC

would like to see t-shirts for bride of pinbot, funhouse and tales of the arabian nights !!!

that would be cool

I'm partial to a Xenon T shirt


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