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MMR Update - 10/6/14


MMR Update call today - Stern (Doug Duba, Gary Stern, Ray Tanzer, Dave Peterson, Michael O'Donnel, Rick)
- Still Waiting for UL - any of the issues identified thus far have been either addressed or suitable workarounds (which do not require at this point any parts changes, but more things like adding insulation on top of wire for High Voltage, etc. We are waiting for 'ok' on tranformer and transformer supplier has all parts in stock to build transformers quickly.
- Reviewed project per Chart to insure timing on parts in and available at stern, factory floor setup ok, packaging definition, pre-build, etc.
- We will have 3-4 MMR's at Chicago Expo setup to Play (likely at PPS booth)
- Rick will be at Gary's talk if any MMR topic comes up there (Friday late afternoon?)
- Product support being solidified - help ticket system being deployed, PPS forum support area, Support resources trained, etc.
- Game will not be 'on the line' at Expo - as disappointing as that is, it won't be too far off, but the UL is gating and is running longer than we had hoped. Sterns Line is prepped, many parts are on the floor, fixtures are built, etc. We should have one or more of the several pre-production games that Stern has built on the floor at Stern at the time of the tour - details tbd.


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