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Coin Mechs


MMR will come with everything to be coinop except the coin mechs themselves as a decision by Chicago Gaming. While this makes sense for non-US customers to not include, it's a problem for a small set of US customers. To that end, we've acquired some high quality METAL coin mechs and will be selling them for $7/each (vs the normal retail of $29) limit 2 ... so hopefully for anyone needing these you can order them and have it not be a major headache. We don't have a master list of MMR customer list otherwise we would offer this directly to all MMR customers - but logistically we don't have the ability. The game operates on freeplay just fine for the home without them but obviously some people will just want the mechs and do not have any around as they are pretty universal and just clip into the standard MMR coin door which is same as most any coin door.
If interested, you can purchase them here:
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