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Black Belt Playfield - $500 obo


NOTE: Each of these playfields can be samples or proto's or early production or production, and we will do our best to highlight what we see in the playfield. In addition, we include several high res pictures of the playfield. If this is not sufficient for you then you may addon the additional Playfield Assurance option for the playfield which for an additional charge will get more scrutiny and interaction with our staff before the playfield is shipped. In any event ALL SALES THAT ARE SHIPPED ARE FINAL! (If for any reason you return the playfield, you agree to pay cost to ship to you and cost to return to us). It is impossible for us know if there are any deviations with these playfields as possible changes in artwork or insert colors, etc could be on these playfields as many were proto or sample, etc. When we see something different we will note it, but we may not know all of the details of any playfield, so please review the pictures carefully!NOTE: Price sold does not include shipping - which is an oversided playfield box which we will package and ship, so this will be added on separately based on destination address.SEND EMAIL TO: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login TO LOCK IN THE PLAYFIELD - or ask more questions.

If you have any more questions we will try to answer them as best we can.

- OVERALL: Not sure about this one - probably a rejected original playfield - possibly cut lines, etc.
- MARKINGS (Date, Mfg, etc):
- TYPE: Sample, Rejected Sample
- CONDITION:  Overall artwork in ok shape, has 'reject - do not use' on the back - not sure why
- FINISH: Inked with either no clearcoat or just sealer clearcoat
- DRILLED: Playfield is drilled
- DIMPLED: Not dimpled
- COLOR/INK: Colors appear to be original
- SCRAPES/SCRATCHES: various minor scrapes, which may come off (black), most of the scapes are not thru the ink, so would be able to be fixed when cleared - overall pretty decent
- WARPAGE: No major warpage
- OTHER: As indicated - circled on 4 holes on the lower portion - as if these might be perhaps too small, etc - but


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