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NOTE: How to make requests


I'm getting way to many emails, etc for playfields, so I cannot keep track of them.

Several people are asking for details about some of the playfields which pictures and descriptions are already posted - please look thru first. Others that are listed but not posted let us know you are interested and then when pulled then pictures and descriptions will be put on the forum.

SO, the priority for any of these playfields goes to those who PM me via the forum. I will try to keep track of others, but there is way too much going on.

We have a number of IPB CV Playfields that we have, as well as what looks to be a decent IPB TAF playfield (that has a tag about something wrong with an insert), as well as some KISS playfields which have various color issues, etc. All will be coming up shortly.

We literally have hundreds of different playfields, some one of a kind and others with multiples. Most all are unique and have to have pictures taken and descriptions made.

I"m out of pocket this week as PAGG in Dixon CA is this coming week. But more will be coming when I get done with that.


All ... we are trying to put any updates on new playfields on the forum 6PM PST Fridays.

We may or may not have some each week, but usually will not skip 2 weeks.

There is a long list of playfields we have available - when we get requests for one, we will pull it, take pictures, inspect, and price.

Then we put as an individual post of the forum - that is when it is available to purchase.

The priority goes to first come first serve for full price offers - we will accept and sell you the playfield.

Next, any offers will be considered probably after a couple of weeks when we can get to it and decide.



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