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MMR Update - 9/29/14


Weekly MMR call (Rick, Doug Duba, Gary Stern, Dave Petersen, Ray Tanzer, Michael O'Donnell, etc)
UL Testing is most critical (and frustrating):

- UL wanting more documentation on transformer and will be slicing a couple of them apart (despite being made by the same transformer company that has been making pinball transformers for a long time ... )
- Door Interlock switch questions - they are asking for 100,000 cycle time switch (which is not what they ask for others making pinball machines), so we are iterating with them on that (100,000 door open and close!). We have the same switch on the game as is on other currently produced pinball machines that UL has tested.
- Transformer Co. has the materials and ready to build in volume, but UL is forcing people to wait until they are finished.
Games at Expo:
- There will be 3-4 MMR's at Expo
Stern Line Setup:
- Continues to be stocked with Parts, etc, waiting for Go on Production
- MMR can start on 2nd Line "anytime" based on finished UL, etc.
- Stern has completed several playfields as part of build test of parts, etc.




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