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MMR Update - 4/6/16 - PPS, etc


At this point PPS has contacted all remainging MMR LE customers. Some have still not paid and payment is in transit.

There may be a couple who we cannot contact that we will cancel their order and make those LE's available - if anyone is interested, has payment available immediately, then please contact me directly You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

PPS Shipped about a dozen games last week, as well as another few this week. We have a number of game requests ready to ship at CGC and expect those as soon as the line is re-running.

CGC continues to indicate a burst of bulk of the remaining games in the next week or two start - and may take a couple of weeks to complete.

PPS is now gearing up for MMR STD Sales - anyone wishing an MMR STD please contact us. You will be put in line and MMR STDs should be starting up soon.

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