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MMR Update - 3/31/16 (Horses Mouth)


Here is the latest update from a call with Doug Duba at CGC this morning 3/31 - note that this is the 'best' info I have from CGC, but as we always have seen, even the best info will likely change (more things move out than move in).

THE 'CURRENT' PLAN FROM CGC FOR GAMES (note caveat that anything can and usually does change):
- Some parts have been re-done due the mfg quality issues (i.e. rejected by Quality Control), that put some delay into the works.
- Also I believe there are some scheduling due to Stern running some batches of games
- Some golds that will be shipping in the next few days.
- CGC indicates that some blacks (we had some ship) about 1-2 weeks ago, and then more Blacks will be run and coming out in about 2 weeks.
- So there will be games coming out to satisfy most of the outstanding requests from resellers in April
- Then CGC will prepare Europe games for shipment (not sure how many or in how many batches - that is discussion between CGC and MoP) - that may be a couple of weeks.
- Then final batches of LE's as well as Standards will be run.

- Software update final rev that was to fix some things came out today.
- CGC will be packaging for distribution soon (1-2 weeks?)

- Color software is done.
- We have discussed the mechanics on delivery and the pricing and that will be communicated in the next week (I hope)
- Anticipated availability 2+ weeks


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