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WPC Ticket Expansion Board docs..


I've posted this in other forums, figured I'd do it here too, since the PPS guys may have old copies laying around..

Looking for the docs (not only schematics) for the ticket expansion board. I have old boards from games I've had at my arcades in the past, but didn't save any of the docs, so I don't remember what pins drove what signals.

Thanks -

It's possible, as I think I have a bunch of kits for these which would have all the paperwork, I will need to look around.

Would be appreciated, thanks!

Back in the early 90's, one of my arcades was a test site for WMS, and for some reason my boss had told them that we used both the printer kit and ticket expansion - so every test game we got came with the ticket board installed, and the printer kit laying in the bottom of the cabinet. When we got the games, I was told to leave the ticket board attached (but with no ticket mech connected) until we outright owned the game - and once we owned the game, I was told to take it out and toss it. I kept one board, no wiring, and no docs. The board has four outputs, and four inputs, and accepts a standard power-feed plug with +12 and +5 feeds. (+12 goes out to the ticket mech, the +5 is used on the board itself.)

Cheers -

It's been a long while, so I figured I'd bump. :)

Bumping, seein' if anyone out there in the world may have a copy of the documents for the expansion board!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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