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I'm looking for BSD and Dr Dude.  Let me know if you come across them.
Thank you.

Looking for Indy 500

Will try to check some and at least get a first pass list of titles.



Here is the initial list of playfields that we have in the playfield racks. Many of which are from IPB, which in turn were from WMS original reference stock of playfields, some are IPB repros but we could have WMS and IPB of the same title, we need to check. Many are one of a kind and some there are multiples, some a prelim or proof, and some are final production. Some have issues like scratches and some may not be clearcoated nor dimpled, etc. Most of the Sterns listed are final production. Some of these are proto or pre-production and may have different colors and sometimes different artwork.

Let me know what you are interested and send thru the private messaging on this forum which will get priority. I am ok if someone posts the list on other forums as these are in many cases one of a kind and once they are gone they are gone ...

NOTE: we will keep your request, but this will take time to respond as we will need to pull playfields, and figure out exactly what is there, then if truly interested take pictures, etc. The starting price would be a retail price which factors in condition and rarity, and then of course if there are issues then we subtract from that.

AC/DC w/WindowAddams FamilyAirborneAtlantisAttack From Mars (proto)BarracoraBatman ForeverBeat the ClockBlack BeltBlack PyramidBlack RoseCactus Canyon (WMS)Champion PubCirqus Voltaire (WMS)CorvetteCosmic GunfighterCybernautCycloneDale Jr NASCARDemolition ManDirty HarryDisco FeverDoctor WhoDr DudeDraculaDungeons & DragonsEight Ball Deluxe (IPB)ElvisFamily GuyFireballFish Tales (WMS)FlintstonesGame ShowGilligan's Island Gold BallGran PrixHard BodyHarley Davidson (SEGA)Heavy Metal MeltdownHook (DE)Indiana Jones - protoIndy 500Johnny MnemonicJudge DreddJungle LordJunk Yard
KissLady LuckLaser CueLast Action HeroLord of the RingsLost WorldMario AndrettiMaverick (DE) Medieval MadnessMonopolyMonster Bash (IPB)MotordomeMousin AroundNBA FastbreakNFLNo FearParty Animal (scratch)Party ZonePhoenix (scratch)Pinball MagicPinbot Pirates of the CarribeanPlayboy (35th?)Pool SharksRevenge From MarsRipleysRiverboat GamblerRobocopRockRocky & Bullwinkle (DE)SafecrackerScared StiffSilverball ManiaSkateball (WMS)South ParkSpace Shuttle (WMS)Special ForcesSpy HungerStar Trek (25th?)Star Wars (DE)Star Wars Episode 1Strange ScienceSwords of FuryTales of the Arabian Nights (WMS)Terminator 2The Simpsons Pinball PartyTheatre Of MagicTime FantasyTime WarpTommyTransporterTronTruck StopTwilight Zone (WMS)Twister (DE)WarlockWho DunnitWorld Cup SoccerX-FilesX's and O's

Im interested in the afm proto, space shuttle, and the fireball. Are they NOS or repros?


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