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That's exactly why it's not at TPF, as we did not feel comfortable that we would not end up with this increase between showing and getting everyone riled up and delivering.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Loginbut we certainly know what things need to happen that did not to at least bring the distance between the announcement and orders to shipment WAY down.

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Rick, respectfully asking. But I thought this time there was going to be zero distance between ordering and shipping the games? As in "no more pre-orders taken on subsequent titles". I think from many of your past statements there was a clear assumption that the games would be built and then sold, in that order.

Clearly there is plenty of demand for whatever you are building, assuming it isn't Popeye.  :)

Well, it's not smart (pinball) business to have product and then tell the market about it, especially when there are millions of $ in cost of goods.

What is better is to give enough time for customers to place orders with resellers, and then the resellers will indicate their demand.

Without a decent measure of the demand it's a little difficult to invest in X quantity of games - we expect there to be demand, but you don't stall everything waiting for resellers to collect money, etc.

Chicago Gaming is not going a warehousing (which costs money), and neither Stern nor CGC really wants to hold games.

So, if people are uncomfortable with paying ahead for a game, then they should wait until some reseller has them at their place and they can pick it up (and pay sales tax usually). They do it all the time with Sterns, so not sure the model would be any different here.


You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginChicago Gaming is not going a warehousing (which costs money), and neither Stern nor CGC really wants to hold games.

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. But isn't knowing demand and storing games until they are sold kind of the definition of a distributor? Respectfully, I am only parroting what you promised about this time last year. Going forward there would be no more pre-orders on games.

In any case I'm looking forward to other titles you are doing. Maybe the rumors will be false and you are tooling up to build me a Funhouse right now.  ;D

This is not a pre-order, it's an order. We do not need pre-orders to figure out how many we are building as parts have already been ordered for a first batch.

It is typical to get the channel started before building product - this is not the same, no business would run building parts, putting them in a warehouse and then telling people to order them from stock - that is never been done with any pinball machine I've ever seen, including stern.

Again, if people are uncomfortable, then they have do not have to buy, no problem, no one is making them. I think the only advise I would have is to choose carefully who they buy from, as we have all seen people/businesses who were reputable then become unstable for various personal or business reasons and then strange things happen.



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