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Author Topic: MMR Update - 2/12/16 Update  (Read 12952 times)

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MMR Update - 2/12/16 Update
« on: February 12, 2016, 04:36:22 PM »
Games continue to ship, somewhere around the 750 mark.

Europe games (MoP) are waiting to be built based on MoP sorting out their customer situation with payment delays caused by currency surprise, so MoP is going to collect it's customers and determine with CGC when that will be fulfilled, but CGC is ready to work on the build of those games when things are arranged.

Planetary Pinball is now going thru it's final list of collecting balances from customers at this time, so we are sending shipping instruction to CGC for as many games as we can get full payment on as fast as we can. If you have not heard from Jim (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) about collecting final payment, then please reach out to him as we are loading up CGC with requests to ship games every couple of days now.

There has been a little concern about some of the text on the inserts, I have been advised by Stern and CGC (separately) that this issue has adjusted their review process on incoming playfields to check for any lighter text on the inserts. So I have been told that any games leaving the factory have been reviewed and deemed worthy to ship. But also know that the artwork is per original, and a combination of led light, light intensity, insert clarity, ink transparency, which creates a variance in every playfield. So, I believe that the smart ones reviewing the playfields have a better visual standard on this and are reviewing to ensure that playfields get on the line that should get on the line.

SO, an update to the update - CGC is working on an adjustment to the brightness of the LED's to the inserts, and this will cause a delay in releasing all of the software updates until March timeframe now  :-(  if and when I get more on this I will let you know.

Still waiting on pricing info for Colorized Display, so will update when we know that.

I would expect that MMR Standards will start to be planned for production soon, and will likely overlap with some of the final MMR shipments - mainly because of resellers not being ready/able to execute on the remaining MMR's that they have. PPS for example this week is reaching out to all remaining customers, but some are taking weeks to reply, etc. PPS want to ensure that it's customers have the option/chance to get their MMR LE ahead of the time that MMR standards start shipping. We have some time yet, but again for any of our Planetary customers, now is the time to get your payment in as there are games available to ship.

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