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Author Topic: MMR Update - 12/11/15  (Read 12977 times)

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MMR Update - 12/11/15
« on: December 11, 2015, 12:03:07 PM »
MMR container to AU scheduled to arrive in Oz this week - merry xmas down under, some new packages for you!

UK container getting picked up Weds, Dec 16 (updated), so will be on it's way to UK customers!

US games continue to ship as well during the period, all trim colors are now being built based on the needs and allocation to the resellers.

Europe games are being organized, and scheduled to be building them very soon so Europe Ministry of Pinball games should be next major bulk order to go out.

Delays are getting ironed out, parts are at Stern sooner for more games, and other than the annoying fire drill of quick fixing any issues, and ensuring resources are scheduled at Stern, we should be better in terms of run-rate.

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