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MMR Update - 12/1/15


We are over the halfway mark for MMR LE's, and plans are being worked with CGC and Stern by ensuring that all parts are there and verified to to longer faster runs of games.

Stern/CGC are working on a plan for 250+ games in December, so assuming no major issues that will be the goal. CGC and Stern are working to ensure that all parts are inhouse at Stern for at least this many games for Dec.

Australian container was sent last month, and is on the ocean and should games on Oz before Xmas.

European games are being put in the production queue now, initial batch to UK, and then Europe.

CGC continues to build all Trim colors now in smaller batches to support reseller needs - games are being allocated against orders as well as against payments to CGC from the resellers.

Hopefully December will see a good make up of a good portion of the outstanding games, barring any stoppages.



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