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Author Topic: MMR Update - 9/25 Black Pictures - Quick Trip to Stern/CGC  (Read 13074 times)

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MMR Update - 9/25 Black Pictures - Quick Trip to Stern/CGC
« on: September 28, 2015, 12:24:00 PM »
Took a quick 24 hour trip to CGC/Stern (Chicago) ... took some pictures - black games have shipped and are on the line now ...

A few comments:
- the pictures with the playfields - these are all destined as Black games
- There is one picture of a game without an LE badge - that is because that is done at the very last step before going in the box.
- picture with shipping boxes - there are only 2 waiting to get picked up as that day there were I believe 6 that were already picked up that day, so we don't want many games in boxes sitting at Stern
- All the cabinets in the picture are black trim games with the exception of the one in the middle which is gold.

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