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MMR Update 7-21-15


Good News ... we've had a number of discussions with CGC and Stern and Stern has been able to arrange an early re-start of the line, so starting tomorrow they will be restarting the line (which involves insuring that all stations are loaded, then subassemblies building/built, for playfields) will be starting a new batch of games which will take a few days to get thru to finish and more games shipping next week (as what I was told by the principals). Mostly silver games for this initial part of the batch and then we will be bringing Black and Gold into the mix.

UPDATE: 7/22 - CGC has trim parts over to powdercoater for Black and Gold, so end next week we 'should' have capability to start running Gold and Black, which will give us all trim colors within a week or two so we can satisfy all trim choices.

As usual most anything can change, but in this case for the better!

Thanks to Stern and CGC for sorting out everything to get things back up.



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