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MMR Update 7/17/15


About 60 games were built up last week and most have been shipped (I believe about the last 7 or so are shipping today). Most of these are Silver with some Gold as well. Some parts rejections caused us to miss a 'slot' in the Stern production schedule and as of today they are at Aug 2 for at least another burst of 250 LE games.

I will be trying to get a mix of trim colors so we can allocate better based on time purchased and payment received as well as we will start allocating for AU next.

We will also be working with Stern to get a longer burst instead of 250/batch and see how the timing fits into their schedule.

UPDATE: discussed with CGC today (Friday) about getting all trim colors at Stern and running smaller subsets of a batch so that those who have paid with a particular trim color will get games shipped sooner - as opposed to waiting for large batches of a single trim color - which is not serving the customer - more on that, but we all agreed to make that happen.

Games are being made, parts are at Stern, and there are no major issues other than hitting windows and addressing any parts issues that may be found based on what was actually shipped (aka Supply Chain issues). Most of the issues are parts transfers from CGC to Stern, as well a finding issues with a couple of parts which are resolved quickly, but lines do not run untill every part is checked off QC, etc.

UPDATE: In talking with CGC, there were 'partial' parts issues, which needed to be gone thru to pull out the ones that were an issue (a handful), and pulling out the ones that were good vs bad was part of the delay.

And yes, we (Stern, CGC, and PPS) are very frustrated, and look at anything that can be done to get thru these start/stop issues.

UPDATE: Customers with slingshot kicker issue (hitting playfield) have been sent repair kits - if you have not submitted a ticket on Chicago Gaming's site, then please do so as that is the list for whom they are sending the kits.

Sorry if people have thought I disappeared, just had some guests visiting and were tied up. My phone still works though 408-891-7878 if any serious questions.

I should add that as much as we can we are working to see if we can improve any schedule including this one to see if we can get things started sooner.

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