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MMR Update 5/29/15


Sorry for the late update, but in fact for the last month PPS has been moving HQ from San Jose, CA to Sparks, NV and this has been more than time consuming to keep things moving as much as possible during the move - so my time has been spent there. We are now operating out of Sparks, NV, but other than that PPS still does what it does.

As for MMR update, obviously the mid-may date didn't happen for a number of reasons, and the current date for restart of MMR is Mid-June, about 2-3 weeks away. There are many reasons for the delay, but not related to design or any major issues - just really about logistics, Stern move, parts logistics, line scheduling, insuring that we have all parts for quantities for next batches that we are running, incorporating any of the minor changes that were found during the first batch, etc. Note that that is the date from Stern/CGC, so it can move.

Any issue with the game is one too many issues, but those involved in game launches indicate that this is been a pretty good launch of a game. A number of annoying one-off issues, some parts fitment, some QA, some shipping damage issues, etc. But overall I would say this was a 'good' result. Clearly we are tasking everyone to do better, and we are going thru our lists of reported issues and working on how to address them best. Note that some are interpreting various lists as 'on every game' and they are not, so the unfortunate interpretation is that there are more issues per game than there really are - again, there are many issues that frankly should not have happened, and some that will not happen in the future, but it's to no one's advantage to ship a game with issues.

Anyways, parts are being received and integrated into Sterns systems as we speak, and the only factor which would cause a delay would be unlocated parts or any other parts issues. But the current plan as indicated to us is mid-June start.

For PPS customers - best to get your payments in as soon as possible - we have learned that the 'burst'-ness of the games off the line created huge issues as while we did not want to collect payment 'early', we often ended up not having enough time to collect and allocated to those who had money in. So, the moral of the story is - if you provide the payment sooner then you will get your game when you were supposed to OR earlier. If you wait until we notify you and you delay your payment then the liklihood is later - that is due to the amount of time to do the shipping and clear payment and the start/stop and burst speed of the games coming off the line. NOTE: our guys are really busy sorting out the shipping logistics and payment processing - it does not help to continue to 'check up' on things - we will notify you when we get to your payment and get ready to quote shipping, etc, so PLEASE all repeat requests just slow them down.

We are still pinning down color trim sequencing for next batch and exactly how long the next batch is as well reseller allocation - other than those in 'front' of your reseller's line you will not generally get any 'dates' for when your game ships - as most often this is not possible until we are running and see exactly how the line is moving, etc.

Anyways, thanks for patience and we are gearing up to get the remaining MMR's out, and will update as there are updates. As usual, rather than making dozens of posts and having 'rants' you can always call me as well. 408-891-7878

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