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MMR Update: 4/26/15


Stern notified us that they were shutting the line to move to their new facility.

Unfortunately No Black or Silver games were made - so this will be planned when mfg restarts in about 2-3 weeks.

Chicago Gaming is working to put continuous build on the new Stern facility line and run the LE's so we will hope that is the case.

In any event, for Planetary Customers - Jared/Jim will be reaching out to collect payment for most all games sold as there are times when customers in-line delay their payment and we want to have anyone who has paid receiving games.

SO, if you pay Planetary for your game then minimally you will get your game when you were going to or before. Assuming 25-35/day (and we do not know what +/- or any stoppages for any reasons, etc), then the goal is within late summer/early fall to have all games shipped.

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