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Catapult Issue?

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I'm not sure if this is something present on the original but I thought i'd ask.

When the ball shoots out of the catapult area, sometimes it won't make it all the way around, sometimes it will drop down the peasant ramp, or even fall back down into the catapult area again.

I haven't looked at the solenoid yet, just curious if this is a standard MM issue. I could see it not working well if the ball was sitting oddly.

Lloyd Olson:
Two thoughts come to mind.

You can loosen all the places where the wireform fastens down and aim it better.

And if need be in the CGC settings ( hold the escape button down to get into them, 5 seconds or so ) you can make the catapult coil stronger in there.

Thank you,
LTG : )

Thanks Lloyd! The coil settings were going to be my first stop. It's possible the wareroom was loosened when I put on plastic protectors. Didn't even think of that!

Mine will shoot right most of the time but there are about 2 times out of 10 the ball will hit the back left tower on the castle and fall back down the ramp.

Lloyd Olson:
There is a bolt on a hex post holding the catapult wireform by the left tower. Loosen it and move the wireform to aim the ball away from the rear tower.

LTG : )


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