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MMR Update: 4/10/15


Quick MMR update 4/10/15

- games continue to ship and as example I believe 10 were shipped today, and many more are getting shipping BOL's and shipping next week that are on the dock.
- We have calls with CGC to coordinate allocations to resellers as well as forcasting multiple times/weeek now as we are starting to get more flow-thru of games.
- resellers are notified when their allocation of games is coming up for payment or shipping arrangement
- *please* if you purchased from a reseller other than PPS, please do not contact PPS as we have no visibility to what your reseller is doing relative to a queue or where you are in that. When we have information for your reseller we will communicate that to them and they in turn will communicate to you as appropriate.
- when we have games for a reseller we notify them for them to collect payment, etc.
- also note that we are focused on all of the logistics for the first batch of games and slowly starting to work on the 2nd batch - so we do not have a 'ship date' for anyone in the 2nd batch until we get close to the end of the first batch.


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