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Well, now my point about downgrading due to newly introduced bugs has proven valid.  Not a game breaker but still hope it isn't another year until they put out an updated fix.  Seriously, what kind of QC do they have that this was discovered only hours after release by customers.  ::)   I'm assuming this wasn't an issue with the beta update code, so must have been introduced as a result of adding the dimmable LED feature.

There will be an update likely within 24 hours as it was a compile issue, so it doesn't really validate ... you turn off the lighting simulation and the game plays fine, I think that is better for 24 hours than to go back to v1.0 and then up to 2.1 if you already have update.


Does it fix the speaker crackle? 

Metal Man:
Yes it did. I tested mine over night and it's still good to go in the morning.

I've had Stern SAM games for almost 10 years with their original coin battery, and all of them save just fine.  I wouldn't bother replacing it any time soon or on a regular basis.


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