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MMR Software Updates - Coming Soon

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MMR Software update will be issued soon. They will be a binary file which will have a utility application to load onto an SD card (which most PC's have slots for SD cards for camera, etc support). Then the SD card fits into the backboard box, and loads the updated software.

As of right now, we are waiting for any additional feedback, and tentative software update would be in the May timeframe, and the primary 'fix' would be to address the screen transition issues that occur in some frames. We will be incorporating any additional issues, but so far they are few and far between.



Maybe do a video on how to update etc. I know it would be easy but some could have difficulties etc.


Possible to use a flash drive? My computers don't have SD ports(Apple)

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginPossible to use a flash drive? My computers don't have SD ports(Apple)

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You can get a USB to SD Card adapter shipped to you off eBay for as little as $1, although i would recommend spending a little more and getting one that is shipped from the USA not china, that way you will get it quicker. Also make sure you dont buy one thats for a mini or micro SD card. Good Luck. Wish i had an MMR...
Rick, Does MMR come with the SD card?

How's the update coming along?


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