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Author Topic: MMR Update: 3/7/15  (Read 3965 times)

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MMR Update: 3/7/15
« on: March 07, 2015, 06:32:18 PM »

Sorry for the delay, I was out for the week on personal travel stuff ...

So, MMR's were stuck for the last week but I am assured by CGC and also have some similar indication from Stern that they are going out Mon/Tues.

The reasons were a few:
- In packaging the Stern guys felt that a couple of harnesses were 'tight' when packaging and 'could' present a snag issue, so they recommended that some cable clamps be repositioned to eliminate that issue - so that was done on the games that were assembled.
- Additionally, one of the switches which had been upgraded per request from UL had different sized quick connects (the smaller) and the harness had the larger, so the correct connectors were switched.
- There was also an issue with the cardboard, it was felt that the cardboard came in too 'dry' or thin (of all things) - it was die cut correctly, etc - so that took a couple of days to get fixed - new cardboard is in and fine (I confirmed this with Stern)

So, CGC last night indicated that they've shipped one, and are putting the first 10 games in the box on Mon/Tues, and there are about 56 in various stages on the line and in test (at least 12 were fully tested on top of the 10 already done) ... so this week.


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