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I love T-Shirts, especially Pinball - T-Shirts  ;)
Will there be only non - licensed themes or do you want to make from all kind of games T-Shirts?
I also like other colors then white or black. Prints on front and back will be cool!

Non-Licensed are easiest (and cheapest to do). We do have ability for some of the license themes like Elvira, which will be coming shortly. Licensed themes often require a merchandising license (different or extension to pinball parts license), and most usually the pinball market is a fraction of a larger deal, so almost nobody is interested ...

My go to colors are black and gray.
Front Williams logo but no pocket.
I had my shirts embroidered no cost...just pay for the shirt and they embroider free.
Get them in bulk with the Williams Logo - black on gray - white or red on black and silk screen the backs only.

Williams logo front left pocket area with art work on back.
I know you can do the logos because I have seen your mats.
Another good touch would be a release date under the art work on the back  ie taxi would be 1988.
If you going to do or try colors taxi would be great in yellow.
I can picture a yellow shirt with a Williams logo on the front - Silkscreen on the back Taxi  top center - car below from shoulder blade to shoulder blade  and just below that the release date.
If you want to add a flyer slogan such as "Get ready for the taxi everyone's going to be lining up for!" 1988

How about this for Blackrose. 
Black shirt with Williams logo front in red.
Long sleeve shirt with back box side art on each sleeve.
Black rose logo across the back.

Not a big fan of front art on my shirts unless its clean and simple like Taxi.

statistically pinheads tend to wear black or grey t-shirts.


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