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Judge Dredd Playfield Plastic Set

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Are there any playfield plastic set reproduction plans in the future? If so count me in. Most individual pieces are extremely difficult - usually impossible - to find. A whole set would be like finding the holy grail.

Agreed, JD plastics are rare as hen's teeth. Even better if the set included the prototype (and much better) Sniper Tower graphic. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Agreed to, need repro for this game, with the sniper tower's plastic prototype !  :D

There is a big demand for JD plastics, ramps and the shiny gold Eagle topper. All these pop up on the Pinside threads dedicated to Judge Dredd pretty regularly.  As far as I know, the plastics and ramps have never been reproduced, there are a lot Judge Dredds out there and it's growing in popularity and value.

I agree, I have several broken plastics... My pf is immaculate. Too bad my plastics don't match. A new right ramp would be nice too


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