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Need for Ramps


So with James' exit from making ramps it seems like new ramp development has ceased.  Twisted pins has promised to make some ramps but their promises hold no weight.  It seems that Starship Fantasy has taken over PinballInc's production or have just purchased James' remaining stock.  Is there hope for the future???

I would agree with you that there is the need for more ramps faster. For the past several years, there has been an accumulation of ramps, with usually a half dozen to a dozen of new ramps/year (which sometimes multiple ramps/game).

Ramps are not 'simple' - as there are often additional parts flaps, hardware, as well as decals, so all of this needs to be created and run. Not to mention the costs and complexity of the ramp molds, which sometimes original molds exist and sometimes they do not.

Also, to make ramps, you really need to make say 100-250 of them, and then for the hardware 100-250 of anything gets expensive, etc. So, it's a tricky proposition to make a ramp and price it so you can stay in business - which is why primarily you see the major game ramps being redone, but anything like a B or C game it's difficult to find the customers or support a price to get your cash back out of the project quickly - not for the faint of heart ...


todd tuckey:
I am finding that Pinball is GROWING in popularity every year and that people are discovering the machines that were originally "castaways" but have found they are fun and most important, affordable.  And these machines are in need of these ramps also (case in point--Gottlieb Monte Carlo, Genesis, Spring Break, Bally Escape From The Lost World)  Todd

good to have more insight here from you ... yes if we can make all of the component parts available, then things are good for those who have games.



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