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Castle Gate Stuck Closed

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Lloyd Olson:
There is a switch on the green moat under the playfield, be sure it is on and working.
Whether you replace the gate, or the whole assembly with the Mantis one. It is a bit of work.

Take two castle tower caps off, slide castle front off. Remove the brick/metal decoration right inside the castle. Then from under the playfield, remove the moat., disconnect the connectors for gate and drawbridge, then remove screws and remove the whole assembly. Then take it apart to get at the gate.

Thanks, I'll order one of the replacement parts and prepare to battle the castle from a different angle... ;-)

Well, I ordered one from Australia, one from the US. They both "got stuck" in the current troubles, one spent a month in London being send back to Oz (!), the other spent all of April in SFO waiting to be exported.... but the Australian one arrived today!

I'm following your helpful instructions... but I have this extra part (see right hand part in image below), which looks like the back part of the "cassette" which the portcullis ought to be sliding up and down within. I suspect this is the root cause of my problem, because this looks like it should be bonded to the front part of this cassette, so the portcullis would be supported against hits by the ball from the front.

This is just rattling about, serving no purpose. I think I should bond this back to the front part of the cassette. Any opinions? I can use Araldite (epoxy on it I suppose, but maybe I should augment it for strength, maybe wrapping something metalic around the whole thing to hold it together?

(Taking the castle front off is easy, and makes access to a lot of that stuff easy.
I think I will need to remove the solenoid assembly as I can't otherwise poke the portcullis back through the slot there.
Oh, no, with a little effort I can get the gate back into place, probably because the back of that cassette is not attached, so I can wiggle the gate up there at an angle. I now have it in place. Time to think about fastening the back of the cassette back in place.).

I shimmed the space between the front and the (now completely separate) back of this with some tape, and then clamped the two together with a couple of clips as shown (I removed the stainless parts before reassembly). This seems to be stable, and the portcullis can move freely up and down but not back and forth.

I had to trim the castle moulding a little at the back to make enough space for the clips, which I pushed "completely home" before assembly. The left clip is almost visible once reassembled, but only if you know what to look for.

I went back to the tests menu and ran the "gate test", ensuring it passed several times. The game now plays ok, except every second castle (!) the portcullis is in the "up" state when it should be down. That feels like some sort of software state error - any ideas on how to sort that out, please? I should stress that the gate moves up and down without problems, I'm fairly sure this is a "state" problem, not mechanical at this point.

Lloyd Olson:
It's not going to be software.
The driver board the castle gate coils wires go to. Unscrew the small driver board, no need to remove the connectors. Unplug the small driver board from the huge board below the playfield. There is a row of ten pins along one edge that plugs them together. Plug the small driver board back into the huge board and push the tops of those pins in to be sure it is seated good into the huge board.
And this - People have had problems reseating the solenoid driver boards due to the huge board flexing away when they push in the pins.   A solution that worked was having them put a piece of foam or cardboard between the playfield wood and the socket on the huge board, to hold it from flexing.   They just have to be careful of nearby LEDs.

LTG : )


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