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Left Troll Problem



My left troll isn't registering hits. I found two screws and a double holed washer on the playfield. The face of my left troll is totally loose. Just flapping around.

I found the attached picture that Lloyd had posted on another forum. Obviously I need to reattach these 2 screws and the washer to the back of the face of my left troll to hold it in place. However, what are the 2 screws attached to? It is attaching the face of the troll to the long arm of the switch? I just can't make that out from the picture. Is the washer under the screw heads but above the long arm of the switch?

Lloyd Olson:
There is a long metal blade going into the troll face with two threaded holes. So you have that long metal blade - troll face - then the screws. You slip the troll face over that blade so it is inside the troll face, then install the screws.
Thank you,Lloyd



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