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Left Troll has gone on strike, "Left Troll Up Switch Bad" Error Message

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Lloyd Olson:
Was welded, now broken. You either need to weld it, or get a new troll carriage.
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Thanks - looks like the error handling is working pretty well, then (troll breaks, ... I get error messages). I'll buy a new one and try to lash this one up - I asked PPS for shipping costs to US and UK (I have both options, the machine lives in the UK but I travel).

I'll close this, problem located and soon to be fixed!


Final update on this.

The broken carriage (broken at what is the obvious place, if you look at it) looks like I could lash it up, but I ordered one from PPS and that arrived a few days later, about $17 for international post, no taxes or duties into the EU (so correctly labelled). It wouldn't fit on either of the existing troll solenoid plungers however, so I had to ream it out a bit, after which it fits fine.

The machine's back together and the trolls continue to take a pounding.


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