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Left Troll has gone on strike, "Left Troll Up Switch Bad" Error Message

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My left troll doesn't work, and the start up self-test reports as per the title.

If I follow this thread: [size=78%]You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login[/size]

I can get into "tests" "switch edges". When I flip either the left or the right troll's up-detection micro switch, it works as expected, flashing the on-screen display with the correct switch name etc.

Has anyone any idea what this is - I can't get the trolls if they don't both come up :-(


The manual has text as below.

I did all this, and the sensors (troll up and troll hit) are both working fine. What isn't working is that "pressing the down button" doesn't raise the troll. In fact neither troll will raise from this menu. I raised them by hand (using latex gloves...) and that's how I can perform the test. There must be something I'm missing in trying to get the trolls (either of them) to raise in test. Otherwise I suspect the left troll's solenoid may be not working.


This test is used to verify proper operation of the trolls. To test the left troll, press the Down button. The left troll should pop up out of the playfield, and the left troll Up switch should close (a sound is made for this, and the status of the left troll Up switch is shown in the display). Roll a ball at the left troll while he is raised. A sound is made for the switch closure, and the picture of the left troll in the display should quickly invert, then return to normal. To lower the left troll, press the Down button again. "Left Troll Up Switch Bad" errors can be cleared by repeatedly testing the left troll. The test will clear this error when there have been two consecutive successful attempts at raising the left troll (note that the left troll Up switch must close when the troll is raised each time for this to happen)."

Ha ha ha, don't you just love internet forums? I couldn't get the trolls up under power, either of them. I was thinking the left one's solenoid power may be broken, but the fact that neither would rise in T20 meant that was not indicative of anything. I followed the instructions in that manual text though, and cycled both trolls a few times, raising them with latext clad hand and then banging their faces a bit. The switches were working perfectly, but I was trying to "reset" the trolls somehow as described in the text.

Anyway, then I rebooted the machine, same L Troll Switch bad test error. I made the trolls come up in the game just to check, and was gobsmacked when they both rose. So that's good news, sort of.

Switching the machine off, waiting, then back on again shows that the self test now runs without error.

Conclusion: you can get some weird troll error which you can clear by manually "testing" the trolls as in T.20

Lloyd Olson:
If the problem comes back. Find the driver board both troll solenoids plug onto under the playfield. You don't have to remove the connectors. Remove the screws holding the driver board to the huge board under the playfield. Unplug the driver board from the huge board, there is a row of ten pins on one edge plugging them together. Then plug the driver board back in, and push that row in firmly. Replace the screws.
Thank you,LTG : )


Ah, I think I have a clue... I took both trolls out, as the left one (left in this image) was "wobbily". That's not connected to anything, so that probably caused the problem, I'd guess?

It's quite hard to work out how the troll and reed switch is connected to the black metal container. I'd guess it should be glued to it at the top, perhaps?


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