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Error message: diverter stuck closed


hello, have and MMR LE and I’m having an issue with the right ramp diverter. It moves up and down with a solenoid. Down allows you to make the damsel shot. Closed it diverts the ball to the wire ramp back towards the flipper. The diverter with work properly in test moving up and down repeatedly. The next test, diverter “hold” (in down position I believe) does nothing. No movement. I inspected fuses, electronics, wire continuity, etc. all seemed to check okay. I suppose it could be a bad transistor? Not sure the proper way to test those while installed in a board. And I couldn’t find which one runs the diverter. In any case, I need some guidance if someone out there has any suggestions. Thanks, Tim

Lloyd Olson:
Hello Tim
Does it work in game play ?
The tests with holds like that diverter and flippers, are funky at best. You have to physically hold them up then do the hold test. They don't have enough power to go up in hold test.
LTG : )


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