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Castle gate stuck closed


I now have this problem. Saw an earlier July post about the same problem...

I've checked the solders and connections for the coil under the playfield and they look fine. Playing with the gate manually to test if anything was blocked got me to make it work again for like 5-6 castle shots and now it isn't working anymore and cannot get it to work. The gate itself will go up without anything blocking it if I manually pull the gate up or manually operate the coil assembly.

Should I create a ticket or are there a few basic steps I should do to pinpoint the problem?

Lloyd Olson:
The three driver boards under the playfield are identical. And along one edge are ten pins that plug into the huge board below the playfield.
Please push that row of pins in tighter on the driver board the gate coil plugs onto. Be sure that plug is seated good too. If that doesn't fix it, then swap the driver board with another, see if that helps.
If you try all that and it still doesn't work, then go to and under Support open a ticket on the Help desk.
Thank you,LTG : )


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