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Bally Star Trek Pinball Machine No Boot-Up


I have a 1979 Bally Star Trek pinball machine.
It was working great then, suddenly, it would not boot-up.
Checking the MPU (AS2518-35) board I get the opening flicker, then ONE flash and that's it.
My understanding is this means U7 (MC6810) is bad.
Replaced chip with 2 other chips with no luck.
Checked continuity between each pin and its circuit trace - all good.
Checked continuity from each pin to U9 CPU - all good except Address and Data lines no reading...but no reading on any other chips either (don't know why?)...
also pin 10 CS0/A9 no reading back to CPU (I did this to ensure no battery damage to socket or traces).
I am stumped and could use some suggestions. Thanks for any help you can provide.
I would like to get this board fixed as I prefer original to replacement - its a Star Trek thing ;)

Lloyd Olson:
Hi Robert
Lloyd again here. Maybe go to and make a post there. I'm sure you'll find people with that board set that can help,Lloyd

Thank you Lloyd.  I will post on pinside.


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