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MMR lubrication?


I've been reading through the manual and page 1-58 got my attention where lubrication is discussed.

It says that the pivots for the arm of the ball release mechanism should be lubricated and other similar playfield devices as well (which ones is the manual exactly referring to?). The pivot points of the slingshots should also be lubricated. The same goes for the target blades of the drop targets. As far as I know MMR does not have any drop targets. If the manual is referring to the 3 "star targets" that activate Merlin's Magic, they are not really drop targets as they do not drop below the playfield. Or maybe I'm missing something?

Because English is not my primary language, I was actually wondering what exactly do I need to lubricate here? If someone could post a picture or something, that would be really helpful, because I don't want to put on some lube somewhere without knowing what I'm supposed to be doing. Also I would like to know after how many games you should be doing this?


Lloyd Olson:
That is in every Williams manual.
I wouldn't lubricate anything on your game. Usually not needed. Especially drop targets if a game has them. Especially in home use.
Thank you,LTG : )

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginEspecially drop targets if a game has them. Especially in home use.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for your reply. Then I'll stay away from any lubrication :-)

One final question though. You said "especially drop targets and especially in home use". Do you mean by this that you shouldn't lubricate drop targets at all, since in a home environment they probably won't suffer much from wear and tear?


Lloyd Olson:
Commercial or home use. I wouldn't lubricate any DMD era drop targets.
Williams did. Safecracker comes to mind. At some point you get to tear the whole unit apart and clean every inch of it. Oil or grease attracts dust and dirt and gums up everything quite nicely. Unless you get it all out of there. It returns soon and then you get to do it again.
There isn't much that wears on a drop target. Coil sleeve maybe. I still have the original coil sleeve in my original AFM here. And in 20 years I think I've cleaned it and the target assembly twice. The switch on it has been replaced. And wiring to the switch takes a beating, figure on resoldering that once every few years.
LTG : )


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