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Solenoid Driver Board


During game play, LH troll remained up, even in test mode could hear coil powered.

Inspected Solenoid driver board, and mosfet Q7, troll power, with multi meter in diode test, gave open circuit reading - also compared to all other mosfet on board plus the other 2 solenoid driver boards.

Manual suggests part number NTP6412A, however part de-soldered is F3710Z. This part is also shown on  the PPS parts page as a replacement.

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I'm in Australia and to buy a $2USD part plus $56USD is crazy!

Part listed in manual purchased locally

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Tested with multi meter prior to fitting - reading are completely different. I'm not going to install without confirmation.

Any suggestions Lloyd  - Thanks in advance


I'll answer my own post.

Mosfet test with multi meter when NOT installed on board gives completely different readings.

Inserted mosfet onto board and retested, BINGO same readings. Now re-soldered back onto solenoid board and tested working.

Can you tell I hate repairing electronics !!!


Lloyd Olson:
Thank you for the update Trent !


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