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Night Rider problem


Hello! Brand new to this forum. I have a 1976 or 77 Night Rider pinball machine. I've had it for years and love it. Recently, I made the mistake of opening the cabinet and jiggling one of the displays (digital) to make it work better. VERY bad idea! There was a pop, a puff of smoke, then nothing. Only a few of the lights come on now. The fuses are fine, but I am thinking I may have fried the motherboard. Does this sound like a likely culprit? Is there a simple way to test a motherboard?

Thank you, kindly, for any assistance.

Orlean, Va 

Lloyd Olson:
You can measure voltages to the display for a start so you know if you lost power or signal.

You really need someone skilled to check this and not just throw parts into it.

LTG : )

will do..and thank you!

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