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Right eject stopped working


My right eject stopped working.  It gives me the merlins award and makes the sound to eject but nothing happens.  I reset the connector but it did not work.  Any thoughts?

Lloyd Olson:
Please enable the high power interlock switch on the coin door frame, and go to Tests - Solenoids - and see if it fires. If not, check for broken wire at the coil lugs, especially the thin ones coming from the coil to the lug.

If a lot of coils do't work, but some do. You may have blown a fuse.

You can open a ticket on the Support desk at website, if the above doesn't get you going.

LTG : )

In test it popped soft then at normal power.  It is working fine now, any ideas why it would have stopped and now works again?

Thanks Lloyd,


Lloyd Olson:
If it happens again. I would reseat the connector from that coil to the driver board under the playfield a couple times. And that driver board is screwed and has ten pins that plug into the huge board under the playfield. Push that area in a little so it's seated tight.

Thank you,
LTG : )


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