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Right Slingshot arm contacting PF


Just received the game and was checking everything out and running a few tests. Then I noticed a start to the right slingshot touching the playfield at full extension. The left stops about 1/8 to 3/16 before playfield. This was done with me physically moving the solenoid and slingshot arm. Lloyd anyone else? I haven't even played the game yet, but it is indeed a beautiful sight to see. I'm hoping just a boo boo. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great and thankful for all we receive.


Lloyd Olson:
I'd remove the bracket, slide the coil/bracket down, toss a locknut in the bottom of the coil. Reassemble. You shortened the plunger stroke and no more hitting the playfield.

You can also open a ticket on the support desk and ask for the longer plunger to prevent this.

Either method works, neither effects game play or slingshot action.

I prefer throwing a locknut in. You ever work on it, you'll remember it and reuse. If you have a longer plunger and replace it years later, you may forget the plunger is longer and stick a regular one in.

LTG : )

Thanks for the advice Lloyd. So I take it the plunger is short and needs lengthen to decrease travel by the slingshot via the arm assy? I'll do your method but why is it happening? Is something a miss? When I put the locknut it will be in the sleeve end? It's been a while since I ripped one apart.

Lloyd Olson:
Locknut will be in the sleeve. Coil stop - locknut - plunger.

This happens on some MMR's and happened on some MM's.

Nothing amiss. CGC copied Williams specs, and Williams was building for commercial use and didn't care if the slingshot kicker arm bracket should have been a little further back.

CGC did make longer plungers once this was discovered.

LTG : )

Ok thanks for the clarification Lloyd. A locknut that will fit in the coil sleeve just a tad loosely side to side when dropped sitting flat. I forgot they are completely vertical and not horizontal which is why this will work fine. Don't try this on horizontal coils lol. I'm teasin Lloyd. Thanks again., R


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