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LED flashers, where to buy them?


On my MMR, I recently disovered that one of the red dome flashers (the right side high flasher) wasn't working 100%. It was working, but very dim, so I thought that the LED flasher had to be replaced.

I removed the red cap, took the LED out and put it back in, checked the wire connections below the playfield, and just disconnected and connected them again. After powering up, the flasher was working again at 100%, so it probably was a loose connection somewhere.

But my main question is, where can you buy these flashers if you should ever have to replace them? I've checked the manual, and it says that this flasher consists out of 3 parts: receptacle and skirt (PIN-A-1426513WS), red dome (03-8171-9) and a flashlamp board (MM-PCB-TWSFLSH).

A simple Google search reveals that it's no problem to find the red dome, but I cannot find the 2 other parts anywhere. Not at the PPS online shop or even Marcospecialties.

Does anyone have a clue where to find these LED flashers (just the light itself) shoud they ever have to be replaced?

The Netherlands

Lloyd Olson:
Planetary Pinball Supply may have them or at some point I'm sure stock them.

Thank you,
LTG : )

I already contacted PPS by e-mail, so let's see what they say.

Just out of curiosity, do you think #906 LED flashers would fit and work too?

The Netherlands

No reply, so I guess not...


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